Juggling a full course load while being involved in a variety of activities both in and out of school often leads to students, and consequentially parents, feeling overwhelmed, and it can be difficult to prioritize tasks and complete them with the degree of detail and depth necessary for success. My eighteen years of experience as a secondary English teacher as well as a dean of students have formed a solid foundation for helping young adults with their executive function skills and time management. As a former teacher at the Advanced Placement and honors levels as well as general levels, I am qualified to work with students of all abilities to provide positive guidance and support, resulting in students who are much happier, academically engaged, and able to advocate for themselves. 


     The goals of any one-on-one session with a student are to continually build his or her self-confidence, self-awareness, and sense of purpose. While working with students in a one-on-one setting, time would be spent focused on helping students hone their critical reading, thinking, and writing skills. Helping them with the evaluation of assignments, the analyzing and editing of essays, and the management of their time to do all of these things will result in client confidence and improved measurable results. In addition, I am qualified to help students with their test preparation and test-taking strategies with the end result being the meeting of an individual’s scholastic goals. Lastly, college application and essay writing and revising is a crucial step in any successful high school student. Having taught the process for years, I have both the skill and the resources to provide keen insights. Throughout this process, it is fundamental to have regular conferences with clients and their parents in order to determine how well he or she is succeeding as well as to provide future guidance.