What We Do for Students with Learning Differences:

Remediation. Skill Development. Confidence building. Advocacy.

   As parents of two grown children who have dyslexia, we know there is a need for support for students and parents in New Orleans. Even as educators, we often felt overwhelmed seeing our own two children struggle. It was difficult to know whom to turn to for help, and at times it was emotionally and financially trying. With the right professionals, we learned to advocate for our children to get them the support, understanding and the accommodations they deserved. Without the right guidance, students with learning differences can be left with low self-esteem and inadequate preparation for years to come. 


    With Kate's experience in early childhood and Educational Therapy and Todd's experience with middle school and high school students, young adults will be welcomed into a learning center where as a team, we both will offer support to students needing reading, spelling, writing, and organizational interventions. We use a variety of methods and strategies specifically tailored to each student, and by partnering with parents and teachers, we provide measurable academic success which leads to gains in students' self-confidence and pride. We offer private tutoring at our Uptown office as well as on school campus' and students' homes. We also provide consultation services to make appropriate referrals. Together, we provide practical, effective education support drawn from years of experience. Whether your child is in the first grade or the twelfth grade, we can assist in helping him or her meet success and build self-advocacy skills to live happier lives.