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Summer Services

As you begin to make plans for your children and family, remember that while kids and adults alike need a break, it is also equally important for kids to be inspired, mentored, and challenged across a variety of areas. 


We will be offering sessions to help with all of the following:


*Reducing the impact of the "summer slide"

*Helping students recover from pandemic learning loss

*Developing reading skills as a summertime outlet that may otherwise be filled with screen time

*Presenting evidence based reading and spelling intervention

*Developing skills in annotation and active reading instruction

*Explicit writing instruction

*College essay guidance

*Executive function coaching and study skills

*Assistive technology practice


Educational Therapy with Kate: Customized and individualized remediation for reading and spelling. This includes handwriting instruction in print or in cursive. Service options include:

Orton-Gillingham based instruction

  • Reading and writing fluency training with expository and fictional texts

  • Comprehension Strategies 

  • Vocabulary Development

  • Evidence and or research based programs and materials are included

  • Twenty sessions are recommended over the summer for meaningful progress



Developing Reading Interest and Skills with Kate or Todd:

  • Reading interest inventory

  • Customized book list suggestions

  • Access to an assistive technology for reading training 

  • Active reading strategies for comprehension

  • Prosody development — the rhythm, stress, and intonation of speech that provides important information beyond a sentence's literal word meaning

  • Dialogue reading practice



Annotation and active reading modeling and instruction with Todd (suggested for entering 5th graders and up)



Executive function coaching and study skills with Todd (suggested for entering 6th graders and up)

  • Understanding your executive skills profile

  • Goal setting

  • Strategies for success: Studying for tests, long term project planning, staying organized, how to manage distractions, time management, etc.

  • This service includes materials and at least 10 sessions are suggested over the summer


Explicit writing instruction with Todd : This service includes materials and at least 10-15 sessions is suggested over the summer.


Grades 5-8:

  • Planning and prewriting

  • Sentence structure and variety

  • Grammar for writing

  • Basic paragraph structure

  • Expanding paragraphs

  • Audience and purpose

  • Modes of writing

  • Summarizing

  • Writing for prompts

  • Essay planning, drafting, revising, and editing

Grades 9-12:

  • Sentence structure

  • Expanding Sentences

  • Advanced grammar for writing

  • Prewriting and utilizing graphic organizers

  • Basic paragraph structure

  • Expanding paragraphs

  • Modes of secondary school writing

  • Outlining

  • Essay planning, drafting, revising, and editing

Service #6 

The College Admissions Essay With Todd: This service includes materials and at least 10 sessions is suggested over the summer

  • Learn how to write an essay that will impress the reader 

  • Your story should draw the reader in

  • Everything you write should reveal something interesting about you and describe who you are

  • Reveal your values and dreams

  • Offer a nuanced and complex understanding of life and the world

  • Take the reader on a journey



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