My daughter is dyslexic and has been working with Kate for over 7 months now and we’ve seen unprecedented progress in her reading and writing.  

Previous to working with Kate, my child was receiving help from teachers in school as well as outside specialists. Even with all that intervention, we saw little improvement and progress was extremely slow.  As time went by, she wasn’t just struggling with reading and writing anymore, she had low self esteem and little confidence in herself.   She disliked going to school and was extremely frustrated.

Working with Kate has changed all of that.  Kate understands how a struggling reader feels and gives them the emotional support needed.  As for the educational support, Kate is highly trained and uses a variety of programs that have been created to help specific learning differences.  The educational support is multi-faceted and has helped my daughter to advance when she was grade levels behind in school.  Working with Kate has been life changing for my daughter.  She is happy and confident about attending school and works hard with Kate to continue to progress in reading and writing at grade level.  I highly recommend Kate Novak as an educational therapist and the services at NOLA Learning Support.

                                                                                   -Parent in New Orleans, LA 2020

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