Learning Ally: What is it? 

Learning Ally:

Please ask Kate to qualifiy you or your child today!
Learning Ally is a non- profit. We do not benefit from qualifying people, except for knowing that we are making reading more accessable and enjoyable. Using Learning Ally is not cheating, it is an accommodation people deserve! 

A proven accommodation for kids with reading-based learning differences such as dyslexia.

Proven support for your kid! Ensuring dyslexic students who struggle to read can succeed. We know your child may struggle to read due to learning differences, but they are able to comprehend information way above their ability to decode words. With Learning Ally audio books for your family, we bridge this gap with human-read books. As a result, now struggling readers can access and absorb the classic books they want to read or need to read for school. The best audiobook app helps your kids, regardless of grade-level, thrive in the classroom and beyond. Our books can provide confidence that improves all aspects of life.

Learning Ally Audiobook Solution works:

  • Human-read books for kids will help them focus, visualize, and understand content

  • Access textbooks and stories children want to read with an audiobook subscription

  • Read independently with the best audiobook app and improve comprehension skills

  • Builds vocabulary, background knowledge and comprehension of a story

  • Read independently and easily with unlimited access to over 80,000 books in our audio book library

  • Make reading fun for your kids