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March 9, 2022

I Am Jumping Into A Shark Tank!

Every day my students have to take risks at school and try new things, so I thought it was time to put myself into their shoes. I absolutely hate public speaking! It gives me a great deal of anxiety and I have avoided it most of my life....until now. I was recently informed that I am a finalist in a competition on April 5th, and that I will have to give a pitch in front of about 125 people. Anyone is welcome to attend, as I could sure use votes from the audience! I learned about this opportunity from a post on Instagram by The Scout Guide. It is a fellowship for women and I decided to enter as I am especially interested in meeting others and getting some support with running a small business. Here are the specifics:

I will be sure to post about the details of the location and time of the event soon. I could also use some help from you...If anyone is willing to provide a testimonial about me, Todd, or Katie for my presentation you can complete this form below. It can be anonymous if you wish. Thank you in advance for any help! Best, Kate

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