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School Sessions Begin!

Hello Current Families! We are sorry we have been out of touch. We are just home from a vacation in rural Jamiaca to celebrate 28 years of marriage, and we had a wonderful time to say the least! We are refreshed and so excited to see your children this week. We will be sending out confirmation emails today and tomorrow including some new forms for everyone to fill out and return. We are available to talk to you about your children to discuss goals and intervention. We will always have office hours to schedule a call and there is no charge for a weekly 30 minute call.

Please go to our website to schedule at

You can also text Kate or Todd anytime to set up time to meet or talk:

Kate: 504-919-1833 Todd: 415-302-1016

While we miss Katie, although she is loving her new position at Newman and we are staying in close touch. It will be great to team with her in regards to some of the students we share.


Todd and Kate

To schedule calls or meetings, click *Talk to Kate / Todd pictured below for our Calendly links!

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