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"You Can Be Very Smart, and Read Slowly"

" The term dyslexia is an unexpected difficulty in reading for an individual who has the intellegence to be a much better reader."

In grades one through five, I struggled to read. I was in a private school in Marin County, California, and I struggled academically due to something my family did not understand. I not only suffered due to this misunderstood weakness, but I also suffered socially and emotionally. My family told me how smart I was, and although they had the best intentions to make me feel better, I never believed them. I knew my days were numbered at my school and was scared about where they would place me next. I fell behind more and more, and finally, the school explained to my parents that I just did not belong there. It was hard for my parents to accept as they thought that I was above average. It was clear though that I just needed a very specific type of academic support to help me become successful.

When my own son was in the first grade, he too began to struggle. I was terrifed. I didn't want him to suffer like I did. I decided to get him tested to learn why he was struggling to learn to read and write. Coincidentally, I was referred to Mickey Kirar Ashmun, B.C.E.T. who had been a young woman tutoring me at the school I attended when I was in the second grade. To make a long story short, she encouraged my path to become an Educational Therapist. I began graduate school and early into my studies, I was fortunate to attend a lecture in San Francisco, CA by Drs. Bennett and Sally Shaywitz, The Directors of the Yale Center of Dyslexia and Creativity.

Below is a link to hear about their 2nd edition of OVERCOMING DYSLEXIA. As the leading experts on dyslexia, they changed my life and the lives of countless others.

Watch a powerful new video featuring YCDC Co-Director Dr. Sally Shaywitz as she delves into her award-winning book OVERCOMING DYSLEXIA (2nd Edition) and answers questions for parents & educators as they head back-to-school during uncertain times. Hosted by KPJR films, tens of thousands of people have already watched this “fireside chat” and the reviews have been extraordinary. One person said Overcoming Dyslexia “should be required reading.” Another called it “sensational.”

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