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School Visit in Jamaica

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

November Greetings! We had a wonderful trip last week. We were fortunate to be asked by our friend, Jason Henzell, owner of Jake's, to visit a local school to see if we would be willing to collaborate with administrators and teachers. The school we visited was Newell High School, with over 900 students. We spent the morning meeting staff, listening to their descriptions of their teaching environment and hearing about their students. We observed in the classrooms that while their students are bright, they have very low level skills. They also lack resources and supplies such as pencils and books. Poverty and illiteracy in the community has greatly impacted these children, and we hope to make a few small differences in order to help them academically.

We plan to return to Newell on December 18th to bring them books and supplies. We will also be showing some of the teachers and specialists some informal assessments and will share materials to teach reading and writing intervention. We have been amazed with how receptive they have been to collaborating with us. The teachers are incredibly caring and committed to the children despite their obstacles.

If you would like to contribute, we will be happy to accept funds to buy pencils, leveled readers and assessment materials. Thank you for your consideration and stay tuned for our continued news about Newell. Contact:

An Amazon Wish list was also created for us to bring over materials and supplies:

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