Todd Novak, MA
Learning Specialist in the Areas of Reading and Written Expression 
5th grade through College
Kate Novak, ET/P
Educational Therapist
Reading and Writing Intervention Kindergarten through 8th Grade

 Juggling a full course load while being involved in a variety of activities both in and out of school often leads to students, and consequentially parents, feeling overwhelmed, and it can be difficult to prioritize tasks and complete them with the degree of detail and depth necessary for success. My eighteen years of experience as a secondary English teacher as well as a dean of students have formed a solid foundation for helping young adults with their executive function skills and time management. As a former teacher at the Advanced Placement and honors levels as well as general levels, I am qualified to work with students of all abilities to provide positive guidance and support, resulting in students who are much happier, academically engaged, and able to advocate for themselves. 




As an Educational Therapist, I have had a private practice for over a decade in the San Francisco Bay Area, and for the past three years have provided learning support for students in New Orleans. I believe in partnering with children, teens, and young adults so they feel relaxed and understood, helping to unlock whatever struggles may be holding them back. I educate students about their strengths and give them strategies for their challenges and, while I am first and foremost an advocate for my students and their families, I approach teachers with respect and warmth.