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October News

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Hello! To provide more information to help our students, families, friends and community, we are now sharing more than just one article each month to let you know about what we have been reading and learning as of late. Articles are mostly focused on topics in regards to students with mild/moderate learning differences. We are also sharing some BIG news about our Sponsorship Program as we are looking to support two financially eligible students who attend Orleans Parsih Public Schools in grades 1-5 who are struggling to read or write. We hope this information is interesting to you! Please do email us if you want to know more or discuss. Warmly, Kate


Sponsorships Available for Financailly Eligible Students:

We have reached our financial goal to provide free dyslexia intervention services for two financially eligible students between grades 1-5 in our city this year, thanks to the generous support of the Goldring Family Foundation! This is the most meaningful gift and we are overwhelmed with excitiment and gratitude! To learn more, please read about it here:


New Film to See in 2022:

I wish I could help more people who are embarrassed like I was in the classroom. I relate to some of these stories personally, and it is an honor to be working to help those who deserve to be given the specific instruction they need at NOLA LSP. Thanks for watching!


Teens Are Advocating for Mental Health Days Off School:

The decline in the mental health of children and adolescents has led to new laws allowing kids to attend to their own self-care.




Trick or Trout! My hometown favorite.....Robin Williams

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